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Solitude Sounds: Adrian Crowley – Season of the Sparks – Album Review

Solitude Sounds: Adrian Crowley – Season of the Sparks – Album Review
by Killian Laher

Adrian Crowley has being ploughing away on a lone, singular furrow since the late nineties.  Season of Sparks was his fifth album, released in 2009, and there’s a warmth to this album not always found on Crowley’s materlal.  Summer Haze Parade has that damaged, Sunday Morning Coming Down (after the night before) feeling about it.  The Beekeeper’s Wife has a deeper, yet even warmer glow to it, it’s like early Leonard Cohen warmed up.  It’s a gorgeous tune on a bed of strings and leaves a lasting impression.

The wintry, almost baroque fingerpicking of The Three Sisters sees Crowley get a bit moodier.  He employs his higher register for the title track, and the album is rounded off with the amiable folk of Swedish Room and Pay No Mind.  Definitely one that suits long days and nights indoors.

Tracklist – 

Summer Haze Parade – 3:31
The Beekeeper’s Wife – 3:47
The Wishing Seat – 4:29
The Three Sisters – 3:32
Squeeze Bees – 4:35
Liberty Stream – 4:53
Horses Like To Dream All Night – 2:20
Season Of The Sparks – 3:02
Swedish Room -2:14
Pay No Mind (To The Dawn Cryer) – 3:58

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