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James Elkington – Ever-Roving Eye – Album Review

James Elkington – Ever-Roving Eye – Album Review
by Killian Laher

James Elkington returns with his second solo album, three years after his debut, Wintres Woma.  It’s a kind of old-fashioned, singer-songwriter collection of folky songs.  What sets it apart is Elkington’s light touch songwriting and guitar playing.  Nowhere Time has a relatively simple melody over intricate guitar patterns.  The flute on Leopards Lay Down conjures up a retro, pastoral feel.  A 60s coffeehouse fingerpicked guitar runs through Moon Tempering.  Later, Go Easy on October and especially the penultimate Much Master have a yearning pedal steel, evoking Led Zeppelin III, while the title track is reminiscent of Tim Buckley.  Strangely the album ends with an edited version of Nowhere Time.

Sure, the album can be a bit same-day, and it’s definitely in thrall to the likes of Nick Drake, John Martyn etc, but it’s rendered pretty damn well.  It’s a throwback to more carefree days, and should in theory be a soundtrack to this year’s lazy, hazy summer days.

Track List – 

1. Nowhere Time
2. Sleeping Me Awake
3  Leopards Lay Down
4. Moon Tempering
5. Rendlesham Way
6. Late Jim’s Lament
7. Carousel
8. Go Easy on October
9. Ever-Roving Eye
10. Much Master
11. Nowhere Time (edit)

Nowhere Time 


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