Body & Soul 2020 – Line Up Annouced

Body & Soul 2020 – Line Up Annouced

How does dancing around a 35 foot Temple sound on the 21st of June? Well, that’s what Body & Soul offers this year with Burning Man Temple Builder Geordie Van Der Bosch doing his thing in Westmeath! They’ve also taken the unusual decision of making the Festival smaller this year, which is often for the best. Bigger rarely means better for a music festival.

As regards music, they’ve gone for Metronomy and Róisín Murphy as their main events, but there is a strong emphasis on Irish music King Kong Company, Jape, Aoife Nessa Frances, Soda Blonde and more besides. You can see the full list below…

“Having shelved an incredible decade of an ever-evolving festival landscape, Body&Soul is marching into a Midsummer Renaissance in its ELEVENTH year, with a renewed sense of purpose, a completely new, more intimate festival layout, a carefully considered line up and a refreshed annual promise of a weekend full of surprises. 

This year, to mark its contemporary twist on the age-old tradition of The Summer Solstice, Body&Soul has invited Burning Man Temple Builder Geordie Van Der Bosch to Ballinlough to design a 35-Foot Temple as a centrepiece to the festival. As part of its brand new Ideas Programme, The Temple will be a place to bring together performers, thinkers, writers and public figures from the world of music, innovation and the arts: an immersive art piece and speaker stage by day and an exclusively programmed neon disco-beam dancefloor by night. “


Metronomy. Róisín Murphy. King Kong Company. Princess Nokia. Kojaque. Marc Rebillet. Khruangbin. Sampa The Great. Kneecap. Mango x Mathman. TPM. Jape. Daithí. Hare Squead. God Knows. The Clockworks. Elm. PowPig. Aoife Nessa Frances. Aimée. Alex Gough. Conchúr White. Denise Chaila. Somebody’s Child. Kitt Philippa. Thumper. Nealo. Soda Blonde. 


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