Best Film of 2019 – No. 10 – 01

Best Film of 2019 – No. 10 – 01

So, this is it! Our top ten films of the year all in the one place. Feel free to let us know anything we missed in the comments section.

10. Diego Maradona – An insight into the life of a sporting great that thought he was invulnerable. Sadly, his moment of genius was short lived but at least he achieved that much. A lovely film by Asif Kapadia.

9. Gloria Bell – “It’s rare an English language translation works as well as this one does, but with  Julianne Moore, John Turturro and more in the cast, it’s hard to resist.”

8. Capernaum“He manages despite his tender years to transcend the reality. It is a unique film which is awe-inspiring in its concept and in its execution. A film that needs to be seen.”

7. The Kindergarten Teacher – “Despite how earnest this film is, it is a hoot from start to finish”

6. Marianne and Leonard: Words of Love“This film may well launch a Third Coming of the singer and be for many an introduction to the woman who inspired many of his most enduring songs, dying just three months before him, in 2016. The final sequences of the film, with the exchange of messages are poignant but ultimately uplifting: graceful, dignified, unique.”

5. Amazing Grace – “The arrival of the documentary now after so many years allows us to experience the power of Franklin performing at the height of her powers to a congregation of which she was a part. It is a unique documentary. Make sure to see it.”


4. La Belle Epoque – “Bedos has created a romantic comedy of immense charm which is meticulously observed. Very much a movie to enjoy for the sheer loveliness of it all.”

3. Can You Ever Forgive Me – “Being the comedian that she is the comic is never far away which is stylishly magnified by Grant. Go and enjoy this unusual crime story with two actors at the very top of their game.”

2. The Souvenir – “it is beautifully acted and gives an interesting insight into the upper echelons of English society.”

1. Pain and Glory“It’s the miracle of Almodóvar’s placid but ravishing film that it makes this melancholy message beautiful, generous, and life-affirming. It’s not far off a masterpiece.”

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