Púca Festival – Trim – 01/11/19 – Live Review

Púca Festival – Trim – 01/11/19 – Live Review

On Friday night of the Púca Festival there was an emphasis on new Irish music with the Pillow Queens, Just Mustard and AE MAK performing on their main stage. The stage was just behind Trim Castle and was inside a large tent constructed for the occasion. Along the walk to the tent there was a couple of art installations including torches belching fire at regular intervals and projections onto the side of one of the many ancient stone buildings in the locality. It was a nice touch that added to the sense of occasion. 

AE Mak is the stage name for Aoife McCann and she was the first act on stage. The next band up were the wonderful Pillow Queens, one of the most exciting new bands in Ireland today. They’re a four piece ‘girl band’ from Dublin (via Wicklow and Kildare) that play raw, guitar-based rock and pop music. Their lead singer, Sarah Corcoran, dealt with one rumour straight off ‘Did you hear that this gig was cancelled?’. Due to the amount of rain on the day, there was talk in the area that some of the gigs had fallen foul of the weather. Thankfully this was not one of them! The band all performed in Halloween costumes, with Sarah wearing a surgeon’s scrubs, another dressed as Dracula!

The band have been touring heavily for the last few years and seem relaxed and confident on stage. The song ‘Brothers’ was one of their best on the night, a song they described as being very important to them. Their short set captured the imagination of the crowd and bodes well for the debut album released, promised for next year.

Just Mustard was the last band on stage on the night. They’re a five-piece from Dundalk with guitar, bass, drums and vocals. The band are described as “noise, trip-hop and electronic influenced music” and create some impressive walls of sound, overlaid by their lead singers lilting vocals. They’re reminiscent of many shoegaze bands from the early 90s and while not the finished article, they’re definitely a band to watch.

More details of the Púca Festival here…


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