Interview with Inni-K – Aidlink – 2/11/19 – National Stadium

Interview with Inni-K – Aidlink – 2/11/19 – National Stadium

We had the chance to put some questions to Dublin-based singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Inni-K (Eithne Ní Chatháin) ahead of her appearance at Aidlink for Turkana tomorrow at the National Stadium! She’s also performing as part of the One Trillion Trees event at the National Concert Hall on Wednesday. You can see the results below.

Aidlink For Turkana – 8pm, Saturday 2nd November 2019 – National Stadium, Dublin

One Trillion Trees – Wednesday 6th November, National Concert Hall, Dublin

Find out more about Inni-k here.

With so many artist on the bill, can you tell me what it’s like to be backstage at concerts like these?

It’s bananas! Everyone’s in groups of twos or threes or more throwing together verses last minute; someone hasn’t made it from another gig on time, so can you do this verse instead? Who’s on next? Who’s on now? The order has changed, what’s happening!? Then you’re on stage, singing with friends and new friends alike, and a crowd that’s singing along to songs they love, and then off, upstairs or backstage to have a beer & get another instrument & run through another song. It’s completely nuts but so much fun and so great to hear so many artists I admire up close and to sing with them.

Is it a chance to meet up with friends as well as perform?

The lads from Cry Monster Cry are good friends. We played a gig together in Paris at the Centre Culturel Irlandais two years ago during a residency I was doing there. We’ve been friends since so it’s always great to get to sing with them. I met Ultan Conlon & lots of the other artists on the line-up at the Mic Christopher gig in Whelans a few weeks ago so it’ll be good craic getting together again.

It’s a great chance to meet up as well as perform together, for sure. That’s one of the most enjoyable parts of a gig like this! Catching up and singing with old friends & meeting singers & musicians I’ve not met before. We all cross paths on the road, play the same venues but mostly at different times, so it’s lovely to get to play together in the one venue at something like this!

Can you tell me about how this year went for you? Any highlights or disappointments?

It was a great year. So many highlights – definitely recording & finishing the new album ‘The Hare & the Line,’ releasing it in March, and playing a whole load of gigs from New York, to Montreal to Vienna to London & all around Ireland, the highlight gig by far being our Dublin launch in Whelan’s in April, with the full band & such a warm home audience. It was so much fun & a really special night.

Another highlight has been the band itself. They’re amazing! Until now it’s been mainly a duo or trio, but this year, I’ve had a 5 piece for bigger gigs & it’s been a really lovely thing to play & hear the arrangements live on stage. I’m really fond of all the lads in the band & it’s just great craic!

Another more recent highlight has been getting nominated for RTE Radio 1 Folk Awards, which I felt very honoured to get.

Was it a good year for new music? What albums did you particularly enjoy?

I haven’t even heard the half of them! It seems so many albums came out this year. Some of my personal favourites are Ye Vagabonds stunning one & Anna Mieke’s.

Can you tell me what your best Halloween costume was?

Zena the Warrior Princess! Yes indeed.

Inni-K is on tour! Inni-K is celebrating the vinyl release of her album this Nov & Dec with a full band tour. They’ll be in the Grand Social on Sun 1st Dec. Full dates & tickets incl Mayo, Kilkenny, Kildare, Ballydehob & more all on

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