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Mic Christopher’s 50th – Whelans – 21/09/19 – Gig Review

Mic Christopher’s 50th – Whelans – 21/09/19 – Gig Review

Mic Christopher was born on the 21st of September 1969. For those who don’t know his work, his debut album Skylarkin’ was released in 2001 not long after this death. Mic died at the age of 32 after being found unconscious beside steps where he had fallen. His album was finalised by Karl and David Odlum and released posthumously. It features contributions from many people in the Irish music scene including Lisa Hannigan and Glen Hansard.

The lead single “Heyday” was used in a Guinness commercial in 2003 starring a then unknown actor by the name of Michael Fassbender. This advert created renewed interest in Christopher’s life and work. The gig in Whelan’s was on the night where Mic would have turned 50 years old. It was a night of celebration for his family and many friends in the Irish music scene. All proceeds on the night went to which is a charity which aims to tackle poverty in Africa.

There was a multitude of musicians on stage during the night, many of whom knew Mic whereas others were only children when he died 18 years ago. Mic started off busking and some of those he played with on the streets attended such as Acko. The song list featured the majority of Mic’s album Skylarkin’ along with some crowd pleasers by the Beatles and others. There were many anecdotes about Mic, including a tale of a car accident in Ranelagh which his mother only found out about on the night of the gig! One of the most touching moments was a short speech by Maureen Christopher who talked briefly of her brother. He played three gigs in Whelan’s in 2001, on the first date it snowed, the next was the same day as a Bob Dylan gig and the final date was September 11th!

The arrangements varied between songs, with constant movement of musicians on and off stage. Highlights included a lovely version of Queen of Hearts by an all female band, and a very impressive version of Skylarkin’ with vocals by Matthew Devereux of the Pale. At the end of the night, the stage filled with over 30 musicians for a sing along version of Heyday for a perfect end to the evening.

Acko, Ailbhe Reddy, Alice Jago, Ann Scott, Aoife Carton, Clare Sands, Cry Monster Cry, Davy Lyons, Eve Darcy, Inni-K, Jane Willow, Karl Odlum, Leslie Keye, Lisa Hannigan, Margaret Healy, Mark Dignam, Mark Geary, Muireann,
Nina Hynes, Paddy Casey, Sharon Horgan, Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), Rónán Ó Snodaigh, Saoirse Casey,
The Daydreamers, The Pale, Ultan Conlon – All proceeds to

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