DYT and Pan Pan Theatre – Sleepwalking

The Sleepwalkers – Samuel Beckett Theatre by Pan Pan and Dublin Youth Theatre
Read our interview with members of DYT on this production here.
22 – 27 July | 19:30

Photos by Mary Robbins/ Ros Kavanagh

A quick look through the previous productions by Dublin Youth Theatre and you will see a wide spectrum of work but none quite like this new production, made in association with Pan Pan theatre company. The work was developed with the members of the youth theatre company itself.

“…the play is really just about the thoughts that fill up the youth nowadays – the worries, especially. Most of the play is transcribed from conversations the cast have had about just real stuff going on in our world and our two cents on all the little and large things in this big ol’ mess that is human existence. The other large chunk is dreams, which I feel is a further, somewhat more esoteric portrayal of our views towards mankind. In a really weird way. I hope that makes sense. This play is good weird, honest.” – Karim Tamu of DYT

The production is based around The Crucible by Arthur Miller, which was written in 1953 and is a fictionalized account of the Salem witch trials which took place in Massachusetts in 1693. Two major scenes from the Crucible are performed, as well as other scenes where the young actors talk about a variety of contemporary subjects. All the big issues are covered here, there are mentions of pollution, global warming and whether a pizza should have pineapple on it or not? Of course the answer is a strong No!

“We’ve done so much experimenting with the piece, and unfortunately only a fraction will make it to the stage but all the work has filled the show with substance and heart. There’s a bit of everything in the mix: acting, movement, singing, mask, etc. Our director, Gavin Quinn, has really allowed the show to be limitless and absolutely mad but there is without a doubt a method to this madness.” – Luka Costello

The actors talk of their dreams, or what they can remember of them. Some have mundane dreams about carrying out chores at home, whereas others are as far fetched as you would expect! The production attempts to expose the inner psyche of the youth in Dublin today. All the actors are aged between 14 and 22, so it is a good cross section of Irish society. There are seventeen actors on stage, and the work allows them all to have their moment in the lime light. Experimental theatre is often thought to be difficult or dull, but this work is certainly none of those things! It runs until this Saturday (27th July 2019) at the Samuel Beckett Theatre.

Director: Gavin Quinn
Assistant Director: Sibéal Ní Mhaoileoin
Designer: Aedín Cosgrove
Assistant Designer: Fenna von Hirschheydt
Movement Director: Aoife McAtamney
Music: Simon Kenny
Costumes: Ciara Fleming
Dramaturg: Nicholas Johnson
Assistant Dramaturg: Aoife Daly
Cast: Members of Dublin Youth Theatre

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