Body&Soul – Saturday Music Guide

Body&Soul – Saturday Music Guide

Get the Time Table for Saturday here.

This is when the festival really kicks into high gear, with Modeselektor and the Sleaford Mods on the main Body&Soul stage, but what lurks beyond the big names? Find out what we’d recommend below.

Ibibio Sound Machine are on the main stage at 8pm and threaten to be the funkiest band of the weekend?

“Long lauded for their jubilant, explosive live shows, Ibibio Sound Machine fully capture that energy and communication on Doko Mien, the follow-up to their Merge debut Uyai. In a glowing piece in the New York Times, those songs were praised for following “in the tradition of much African music, [making] themselves the conscience of a community.”By pulsing the mystic shapes of Williams’ lines through further inventive, glittering collages of genre, Ibibio Sound Machine crack apart the horizon separating cultures, between nature and technology, between joy and pain, between tradition and future.”

With an epic like “Hungover at Mass” Junior Brother is sure to be a crowd pleaser! The Kerry native tells it like it is. – 9.30 at the Woodlands stage.

“An idiosyncratic, challenging and richly lyrical singer/songwriter, Junior Brother is the pseudonym of 24 year-old Co. Kerry, Ireland native Ronan Kealy. Fusing elements of Irish and English folk with a deeply unique sensibility, Kealy has steadily built a dedicated fanbase in his current residence of Dublin town, broadening his listenership further with each release.

Born outside Killarney, Co. Kerry, Kealy developed a strong love of music from an early age, writing his first song at 9 years old after having taught himself guitar on a banged-up nylon acoustic. A short spell studying English in University College Cork helped Kealy to foster his unique and striking poetic voice, taking his Junior Brother moniker from a character in Jacobean play “The Revenger’s Tragedy”, a work Kealy studied there.”

Meltybrains? are more than just a great name! They’re the type of band that will go down well at any festival and should be a lot of fun live. 6.45pm at the Midnight Circus.

“Meltybrains? have been creating incredibly imaginative electronic soundscapes, as well as performing highly theatrical live shows with an infectious and incendiary energy. They have a fearless approach to their creative process, which leads to the creation of tracks that captivate the listener as there are endless possibilities to where a track will begin and end. Pure imagination is incredibly refreshing in a world of music that is bound by strict structure and harmony, and the music of these five talented musicians is certain to have a very different but powerful, moving effect on any scene it would accompany.”

Finally, one from the Comedy Tent. There’s the fabulous Lords of Strut at 5pm at the Orchard Lounge.

“Street Performance World Champions, Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finalists, unlikely heroes of smash hit RIOT and Cork’s favorite spandex wearing lads, Lords of Strut are on a mission to change the world with dance! Witness dynamic brothers Famous Seamus and Sean-tastic smashing out the freakiest, funniest and sexiest routines that these high fashion dancing legends can muster. 2019 – resistance is futile.”

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