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Body&Soul – Friday Music Guide

Body&Soul – Friday Music Guide

Full Timetable is available here.

We’ll attempt to ignore the headliners which you should already know! Here are some of the other interesting bands to discover.

The Murder Capital kick things off on the main Body&Soul stage. The much hyped Irish band are part of the new wave of post-punk bands on our shores. The band haven’t even released their debut album yet, but such is the hype about this one, they are definitely not to be missed.

“Produced by Flood (PJ Harvey, New Order, Foals) the album features both singles from the band so far, “Feeling Fades” and “Green & Blue”, as well as the first studio recording of breakthrough track “More Is Less”.

An exercise in both darkness and light, “When I Have Fears” only serves to highlight the early ambition in the band’s sound. From the post-rock build and breakdowns of the two-part “Slowdance”, to the tender, bruised confessional of “On Twisted Ground” and industrial pulse of closer “Love, Love, Love”, there’s a consistent intensity throughout that marks out The Murder Capital as a band arriving fully formed on their debut album.”

Talos take the 9pm slot on the Body&Soul stage.

“Talos is Eoin French, from Cork in Ireland. He makes patient, plaintive electronic pop music. He arrived in late 2014, with the mesmerising ‘Tethered Bones’, the dreamy production proved a perfect platform for French’s powerful voice and rewarding words.

It saw a full release in December of that year, with B-side ‘Bloom’ reaching further into the depths. He closed 2015 with a second single, the bleakly beautiful ‘In Time’, recently featured in hit ABC series ‘Guilt’, in the US.”

Mashrou’ Leila take the 10.45 slot on the main stage and arrive straight from Beirut! No, seriously!

“Emerging from Beirut’s underground indie scene, Mashrou’ Leila has continued to carve out their own distinct space within Arabic pop. Singing in Arabic about political freedoms, LGBT right, race, religion and modern Arabic identity, they have crafted some of the most melancholic ballads and raucous anthems in contemporary alternative music. Mashrou’ Leila has performed to sold-out crowds worldwide, including Europe, Canada, North America, and the Middle East.”

Other bands that will probably get plenty of attention on Friday include Ms Banks (11.15 on the Midnight Circus stage) and the Pillow Queens (Midnight in the Woodlands Stage).

As ever, the best advice we can give is to go explore! There’s magic in those woods…


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