New Music – Recôncavo by J.R. Bohannon

New Music – Recôncavo by J.R. Bohannon

A new album of lush guitar by J.R. Bohannon. Check out lead single Fluctuation pt. 1  below. The full album is released on 26th April on Phantom Limb.

Brooklyn-based fingerstyle guitar player J.R. Bohannon joins Phantom Limb for the release of his debut EP Recôncavo, a deeply beautiful study of guitar in the American tradition imbued with influences from Iberian and Latin music.

J.R. Bohannon – John – is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, a city and musical scene internationally mythified for its contribution to the post-rock and post-hardcore scenes of the late 80’s and early 90’s, as well as a rich history of Appalachian folk cultures on which its musical foundation is built. John’s guitar style, while descendent from that latter music, has been shaped by both. He composes and performs his virtuosic solo guitar pieces concurrently alongside his ongoing ambient project Ancient Ocean.

John now resides in Brooklyn, New York. A student in American styles and – from his time living in Brazil – fado and modinha guitar music, his compositions for 6 and 12-string guitar sit somewhere…

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