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Stuart A Staples – Music for Claire Denis’ High Life – Album Review

Stuart A Staples – Music for Claire Denis’ High Life – Album Review by Killian Laher

Stuart Staples and Tindersticks have a long association with French director Claire Denis.  This soundtrack is for Denis’ forthcoming science fiction movie, which, if the soundtrack is anything to go by, will be a dark and at times scary affair.  Most of the tracks are simply made up of low, orchestral rumblings.

The main track, Willow, features Robert Pattinson on vocals, but otherwise is pretty much standard issue Tindersticks, of the slow, twinkly variety.  So a good stop gap for Tindersticks fans, but also serves to underline that it’s been 3 long years since the last ‘proper’ Tindersticks album.

Track List –

1. The Garden
2. Willow Lullaby
3. System report
4. High Life main title
5. River flashback
6. Fluids
7. The fuck box
8. Bad genes / revolution
9. Radiation
10. Rape of Boyse
11. Insemination
12. Grow baby, grow
13. Boyse’s death
14. The dog ship
15. Monte and Willow
16. The yellow light
17. Willow – (Tindersticks featuring Robert Pattinson)
18. The Black Hole (excerpt)


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