New Music – Ô Lake – Conversation

New Music – Ô Lake – Conversation

Some new sounds for a Friday morning. Ô Lake is the work of French composer Sylvain Texier.

“Across the reeds, on clear waters, is sailing a crystal-clear poetry with soft and subtle notes. Like a diaphanous mist, it carries some wild melodies away in its wake.To give a name to his new musical project, Sylvain Texier found the inspiration in one of the most famous poems in French Literature : « The Lake » by Alphonse de Lamartine. With « Ô Lake », the french composer reconnect with his contemplative passions, where the themes dear to his heart are harmoniously gathered. Here, his fascination for the nature and his relation to the passing of time are combined. With a genuine sound poetry, the musician drives us to new beautiful shores where the words are absent, and he offers us some comforting pieces and raw emotions.”

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