Kracked – Smock Alley – Review

Kracked – Smock Alley – Review

Run now finished – 5 – 9 Feb 2019 – Boys’ School

We meet Sharon as she sits and slowly unwraps a Kit Kat. She does so with meticulous care as she breaths heavily on the wrapper to loosen the glue and slips the paper off. It seems an unusual pursuit and her reason for doing it is even more bizarre. She then takes a small bag of cocaine and places it on the chocolate bar before she wraps it once again!

This is the story of Sharon who lives with her Uncle Tony. He makes his living as a drug dealer but seems very kind to his niece. She has become involved in his cottage industry and helps him distribute his narcotics, hiding them in chocolate bars. We never hear what happened her parents but Tony and Sharon are alone. That is until Fran, Tony’s new girlfriend, appears on the scene and changes their long standing dynamic.

The stage is bare other than for a table centre stage along with a suitcase filled with Kit Kats! She sits on a yoga ball and carries out her activity at the start of the show but later leaves the ball to roam around the stage.

This is a new piece by Jade Productions that shows the considerable talents of Ailbhe Cowley. The story is written by Ailbhe and it has some interesting ideas and sharp humour, although there is no clear story arc and the ending is a little abrupt. From the start, Ailbhe breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to the audience, even asking them questions and provoking a sing-along! She seems a natural on the stage and works the crowd well, drawing laughs from the smallest of topics. There is a certain amount of ad-libbing and she seems relaxed with the air of unpredictability she creates. She is a performer that understands an audience and can create a genial and intimate environment.

DIRECTED BY: Eadaoin Barrett
PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Darragh Byrne & Jack Mullarkey
THANK YOU: Dylan Coburn Grey, Tom Maher

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