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Swervedriver – Future Ruins – Album Review

Swervedriver – Future Ruins – Album Review by Killian Laher

A few years ago, Swervedriver embraced the nineties revival, reforming and releasing new material.  This is their second post-comeback album and it starts out with one of the strongest tracks the band has ever released.  The hard-rocking Mary Winter bursts out of the speakers with a simple yet powerful two chord guitar riff.  The anthemic Lonely Crowd Fades In The Air continues the strong start to the album, with more riffing guitars.
After such a strong start, the rest doesn’t disappoint.  The title track drifts along pleasantly in an early 90s haze (gaze?) as if the last 25 years of music never happened.  Elsewhere, riffy rockers like Spiked Lover and Drone Lover hit that sweet spot, with the help of some fuzzy guitars.  Songs that won’t change the world, but recapture the band’s ‘classic’ sound, and the latter’s slightly ragged feel will please many.  Later, the sunburnt guitar swagger of Golden Remedy powers along before dragging the arse out of the song in an over-long coda.  It’s only on the final track that the band lose focus, Radio-Silent meanders aimlessly and endlessly, coming to a stop after seven minutes.
These are not songs that take their time to reveal hidden charms.  Rather, it’s a guitar fan’s album, and one which has to be a welcome addition to the Swervedriver back catalogue.
Track List –
1. Mary Winter
2. The Lonely Crowd Fades In The Air
3. Future Ruins
4. Theeascending
5. Drone Lover
6. Spiked Lover
7. Everybody’s Going Somewhere & No-One’s Going Anywhere
8. Golden Remedy
9. Good Times Are So Hard To Follow
10. Radio-Silent
Mary Winter

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