Interview with David Shannon – Come From Away – Abbey Theatre

Interview with David Shannon – Come From Away – Abbey Theatre

We had the chance to ask David Shannon some questions ahead of his performance as Kevin T, Garth and others in Come From Away, which opens at the Abbey next week (previews  currently running). You can see the results below.

The Abbey Theatre in a Co-Production with Junkyard Dog Productions and Smith & Brant Theatricals – Come From Away

6 December – 19 January 2019

This is a fascinating topic for a musical, focusing on the people that were grounded in Newfoundland during the time around 9/11. Is it as heart warming a tale as it sounds?

It really is!  It’s like a human reboot, remembering what its like to be human and equal again. It changes something horrific into something wonderful.

You play two characters in this production, Kevin T and Garth. Are they very different characters? Do you enjoy having this diversity in your performance?

Yes, Garth and Kevin are very different guys!  I also get to play President George Bush and some other small characters during the production so it’s very challenging but also what makes this show such fun to do.  I think we play around 70+ characters between the twelve of us.

Tell me about your typical day in rehearsals? What do they involve?

Most of our rehearsals have revolved around chairs and where they go!  It’s incredibly complex as each chair is numbered and has a specific mark for a specific scene all of which are colour coded.  It all looks so simple , trust me its not!!

Have you always loved musicals? What would you say to those that struggle with the genre?

I was a late bloomer and kind of fell into it in my twenties but I’ve always enjoyed the genre and singing in general.  For me, the last few years where I’ve not been singing, doing plays, TV and film work have given me a great foundation for exploring the text and lyrics more.  I feel that if you understand what you’re singing about the rest will follow.

What are your memories of 9/11? Where were you during it?

I was in London in Norte Dame de Paris at the Dominion and I was meeting a friend for a drink when they turned on the TV.  I’ll never forget it. It looked like a movie! I used to live in New York and regularly went up the towers as it was my favourite view of the city so I had a real connection with the city and the towers. I think that’s why I love this show so much – it has turned that tragedy into something powerful and good.

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