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Flasher – Constant Image – Album Review

Flasher – Constant Image – Album Review by Killian Laher

The unfortunately named Flasher are making serious waves in their native Washington DC.  The trio recently released their debut full-length album and it manages to cram multiple ideas into its half hour running time.  Opening with the 140 second Go, its gauzy guitars will call to mind many of the early 90’s shoegazers.  Pressure is the first real keeper here, with yelped vocals carried along by a pacy rhythm section and some economic guitar licks, there’s not a note wasted here.  Sun Come And Golden is more mid-paced but fabulously catchy with some wonderful guitar work.  Material is faster , interlinking clean guitars with fuzzier licks.

A really tight rhythm section keeps this melting pot of influences together on streamlined tracks like XYZ, Skim Milk and Harsh Light, all of which sound like the best indie band you’ve never heard of.  Its guitars are constantly threatening to break into full hard riffing mode but never quite go there.  Who’s Got Time? has a trashier feel with a chantalong chorus, it might be the poppiest thing here.

None of these tracks outstay their welcome, though closer Business Unusual throws in a random saxophone at the end just to f**k things up a bit.  There are hints of the great indie bands from both the 80s and 90s across the album but nothing you can quite put your finger on, with the result that they create something new.  If they have a comparison it would be New York band DIIV but these guys really stand on their own.

Track List –

1. Go
2. Pressure
3. Sun Come and Golden
4. Material
5. XYZ
6. Who’s Got Time
7. Skim Milk
8. Harsh Light
9. Punching Up
10. Business Unusual


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