The Plot – D-Light Studios – Review

The Plot – D-Light Studios – Review

The Plot – A new play by Paula Lonergan

We meet Lilith (Roseanne Lynch) as she has just returned to this astral plane! She died a long time ago but was buried in an unmarked grave and never found peace in the afterlife. Now she has the opportunity to put things right. She has been offered the chance to ‘apply’ for a grave of her own, and has to meet a county council worker for an interview. The council worker is an officious young lady called Edith (Charlotte Rose Keating), who needs to ask Lilith a series of questions but all does not go according to plan.

This is a new play written by Paula Lonergan. It was staged in the unusual venue of the D-Light studios which is on North Great Clarence street, just off the North Circular road. The studio is a converted warehouse space with a high roof and a number of large open plan spaces. The production occupied one of these spaces. While there was no stage as such, the actors performed at one end of the space with three panels behind them. The set consisted of a desk and a few chairs which was simple but all that was required.

The other member of the cast was Fia Rua, who played a demon or other spirit. He did not directly interact with the other cast members but performed a number of soliloquies giving an insight into his cruel and devious mind. Another interesting touch was the use of Cello to accompany some moments in the story. The musicians was stage right, slightly away from the rest of the cast and added some delicate touches.

While on the surface the play has a supernatural storyline, it also allowed the writer to deal with a number of topics which would be difficult to explore otherwise. The play delves into how Ireland historically dealt with unmarried mothers and children born outside wedlock. It has hints of some of the big stories of our time, such as the Tuam babies and women’s rights. Not so much a spook at bedtime, more a discussion on our collective past and how it reflects on our present!


Production took place on October 26, 27, 2018 – D-Light Studios 46 North Great Clarence Street Dublin, County Dublin

Starring – Roseanne Lynch, Fia Rua and Charlotte Rose Keating

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