The Comedy of Errors – Smock Alley – Review

The Comedy of Errors – Smock Alley – Review

14 – 18 Aug | 8pm | Boys School

The Comedy of Errors has a confusing plot but that’s part of the fun! It tells the story of two pairs of identical twins born hours apart. Two of the children were born of noble birth and the others under lesser circumstances. The nobleman buys the other set of twins to act as the servants for his children. Later, due to a wild storm at sea, both pairs are separated and believe the others to be dead. Now, some twenty years later, the twins are due to meet again under unusual circumstances.

This was one of Shakespeare’s earliest plays and is a more light-hearted affair than you would normally associate with the Bard. It has elements of farce with much slapstick humour, all revolving around the cases of mistaken identity. This production is by Dublin Youth Theatre, which is a foundation set up in 1977, which has “forged a unique contribution to the worlds of theatre and youth work”. It uses actors between the ages of 14 to 22 to produce high quality work such as this.

There was no shortage of cast members in this production, with 17 on stage and even a 3 member band high above featuring guitar, keyboard and trumpet. The stage is used well, with a wooden stair making the upper level of the boys school stage accessible. It is a high energy production and the cast never let the pace drop for an instant. Their movement and energy elevate it and you can tell they are really enjoying their time on stage. For some this could be the start of a career while for others it could be their only time on stage. It will certainly give them an interest in theatre for life. It’s a production that will impress due to the hard work and energy that went into it, with skills that belie their tender years.

Find out more about Dublin Youth Theatre here.

Cast –

Edward Clarke : Citizen
Ciara Cochrane : Dromio of Ephesus
Rhys Coleman-Travers : Antipholus of Ephesus
Aoife Connolly-O’Sullivan : Adriana
Luka Costello : Citizen & Luce
Clara Cronin : Luciana
Conor Farrell : Angelo
Joe Gallagher : Musician
Kit Geraghty : Antipholus of Syracuse
Eoin Kane : Nell
David Kearney : Doctor Pinch
Emma Loftus : Citizen
Tristan Spellman Molphy : Egeon
Penny Morris : Dromio of Syracuse
Ruán Murgatroyd : Officer
Charlotte Murphy : Emilia
Daniel Roddy : Musician
Karim Tamu : Musician
Michael Tient : Duke Solinus
Sean Tyrrell Cassidy : Balthasar

Director: Liam Halligan
Set & Costume Desginer: Mary Sheehan
Sound Designer & Composer: Jack Cawley
Lighting Designer: Eamon Fox
Assistant Director & Fight Director: Barry Morgan
Producer: Cathal McGuire
DYT Artistic Director: Dave Kelly
DYT General Manager: Sarah Bragg-Bolger

Running time : 1hour and 45 mins (incl. interval)


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