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Protomartyr – Consolation EP – Review

Protomartyr – Consolation EP – Review by Killian Laher

Protomartyr do not make music to put on in the background.  Their music grabs you viscerally by the lapels, commanding you to pay attention.  Last year’s wonderful Relatives In Descent varied their formula a bit, and they continue this on this EP with the involvement of Kelley Deal.

The first track here Wait barrels out of the blocks with Alex Leonard’s pounding drums and Greg Ahee’s guitar onslaught joined by Joe Casey barking “WAIT!” repeatedly.  Which is terrific.  Same Face In A Different Mirror is all grinding guitars and rumbling bass, and over far too soon at less than three minutes.

So what about Kelley Deal?  She provides backing vocals on the almost violently in your face Wheel of Fortune.  Casey gives great rant here (“hands around your own throat!”) with Ahee’s guitars alternating between serious bashing and low grinding.  It has to be said that Leonard’s drumming has never sounded better and more up front than here, and across the EP.  Though this track is five minutes long, you won’t want it to end.

You Always Win drops the pace a little, with Casey unleashing a low croon on a dark slow-burner. This EP is almost a tease, will leave you impressed yet wanting more.  Bring on the next album!

Track List –
1. Wait
2. Same Face In A Different Mirror
3. Wheel of Fortune
4. You Always Win

Wheel of Fortune

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