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Stuart A Staples – Arrhythmia – Album Review

Stuart A Staples – Arrhythmia  – Album Review by Killian Laher

Stuart A Staples releases his first solo album away from Tindersticks in thirteen years.  This time around it’s less song-based than previous.  Anything Staples does is never too much of a departure, grounded by one of the more unmistakable voices in music.  Opening track A New Real begins as something of a slow-burner before building to a crescendo midsong.  Memories of Love is a slow unhurried soulful track, unfurling at a glacial pace until gradually the sound of chiming bells takes over the track.  Step Into The Grey is one of the more percussive tracks Staples has been involved with.  With percussion out in front, the rest of the instrumentation is muted, allowing Staples’ dark croon to evoke past glories with Tindersticks, as a string section sweeps in and out.

The album finishes with 30 minute instrumental piece Music For A Year In Small Paintings.  More experimental than what has gone before, it’s less a song and more a shifting palette of sound, adding strings, woodwind, guitar and keyboards.  Quite pleasant, if a little odd.
Serious fans of Tindersticks will enjoy this but it’s hardly going to draw in the casual observer.
Track List –
1. A New Real
2. Memories of Love
3. Step Into The Grey
4. Music For A Year In Small Paintings
Memories of Love

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