Arcadia @ All Together Now – August Bank Holiday Weekend

All Together Now – August Bank Holiday Weekend / 3rd, 4th, 5th Aug 2018 – Curraghmore Estate, County Waterford

With All Together Now only a matter of weeks away, it has been revealed that Arcadia will be part of the performance! You can see the fascinating images below, but it’s a fire spewing beast that will be perfect for late night DJ shows!

Arcadia is the fantastic brainchild of scrap metal sculptor Pip Rush Jansen and engineer Bert Cole. Pip and Bert met in Ireland 10 years ago and, whilst here, hatched a plan to create a bespoke installation to challenge festival convention.  Thus, award winning art collective Arcadia was born.

Since its inception, hundreds of thousands of people have danced around, under and over Arcadia’s incredible, eye-popping installations across four continents.

It’s fitting that Arcadia return to Ireland to celebrate their tenth anniversary, but the setting had to be right. To that end, Pip flew to Ireland to explore the grounds of Curraghmore House, Ireland’s largest private estate – and the setting for the inaugural All Together Now Festival.

At its heart is a flaming spire that houses the DJ booth and shoots fireballs above the crowd as light radiates outwards to a ring of flaming trees. Raised platforms spiral into the crowd creating multi level dynamics and allowing the crowd to dance on the structure itself, balancing intense intimacy with a powerful sense of monumentality.

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