Forbidden Fruit – Saturday Review – 02/06/18

Forbidden Fruit – Saturday Review – 02/06/18 – by Fran Winston

Royal Hospital Kilmainham

Festival season is well and truly here and Forbidden Fruit is now one of the must see events. It has established itself as a cool, funky and laid back event that attracts some of the biggest names in dance. This year’s festival was no exception and the weather even played nice meaning that revellers were able to kick back without worrying about sheltering from a downpour.

For some reason they opted not to have a comedy tent this year which was sorely missed. The comedy was always a refreshing breather from the hardcore dancing. The tent was replaced by the Bulmers Live stage featuring 100% Irish Artists. The line up here included Erica Cody, Paul Alwright, Seany B and the always amazing Bingo Loco. While this tent drew a healthy attendance it was nowhere near as populated as some of the other areas.

While the Undergrowth Stage boasted festival stalwart Richie Hawtin as headliner the two most popular areas with punters were definitely the Original Stage and the Lighthouse Stage. The arrival of  Glass Animals on the Original Stage resulted in a frenzy of people dashing across the venue to see them and they put on an amazing show – gold pineapple and all. They were definitely one of the hits of the festival.

However, the most excitement was generated by The Wire star Idris Elba who was DJing on the Lighthouse stage. It’s somewhat sickening that one person should be so talented but he really was amazing. Unlike many celebrity DJs who merely “plug and play” he really put a lot of effort and thought into his set and the crowd loved it.

Outside of the music there was a fantastic array of eateries for festival goers to choose from. Everything from noodles to steak to pizza to falafel was available and it all looked incredibly appetising. There was also an inflatable chapel where revellers could “get married” and some of the funniest moments happened here. The “minister” was outrageously OTT and wouldn’t have been out of place officiating a wedding in Vegas.

Although not a complete sell out like previous years it still drew a decent crowd and on the whole the attendees were all chilled out and enjoying the vibe (of course there were one or two messy ones as always).  It was impossible not to get caught up in the atmosphere. I have to say I enjoyed this year’s festival more than previous years which is really saying something as I thought nothing could top two years ago. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the other two days but I’m extremely jealous of those who got to enjoy it and I’ll definitely be back next year.



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