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Circuit Des Yeux – NCH – Live Review – 13-05-18

Perspectives: Circuit Des Yeux – NCH – Sunday 13th May, 8.30pm

When the latest announcements for the Perspective series were made, it included some names you would expect such as Harold Budd and John Cale. One lesser known name was that of Circuit Des Yeux, but actually it made a lot of sense. Circuit Des Yeux is the recording name of vocalist, composer, and producer Haley Fohr. When you listen to her new album ‘Reaching For Indigo’ which was released in 2017, one of the main things that jumps out at you is the variety in the arrangements, with strings and brass sections featuring prominently. The music falls into that niche gap of art rock, and as such, it’s a natural for the National Concert Hall’s series. The band played the smaller Studio space last night.

The band were on stage after 8.30. They were a four piece on the night and had the unusual arrangement of violin, double bass and drums, along with Haley on vocals/ guitar. They played in near complete darkness with the only lights on stage being the projections they used onto the back wall. By accident or design this left lead singer Haley only visible in silhouette!

They played their new album ‘Reaching For Indigo’ in its entirety and opened with Brainshift for a low key starter. The next up was the pounding, guitar driven Black Fly which really kicked the night off proper.  The fourth song of the night was the undoubted highlight with a much longer and more powerful version of Paper Bag than on the album. It is during these epic songs that they really come alive, with more than a hint of post-rock in the air. The finished their short set with Falling Blonde, the final song off the new album.

Haley came out alone for a one song encore to play Fruits Of My Labour by Lucinda Williams. She said she rarely plays covers, but this is one of her favourite songs. With that she disappeared back stage not to be seen again, leaving the audience wanting more. It’s always a good way to leave a crowd!

Black Fly
Paper Bag
A story of This World Part II
Call Sign E8
Falling Blonde

Fruits Of My Labour – (Lucinda Williams cover)

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