Hennessy Literary Awards 2018 – Winners Announced

Hennessy Literary Awards 2018 – Winners

Last night in the imposing setting of Kings Inns, the 47th edition of the Hennessy Literary Awards was celebrated. The prize aims to encourage new writing and gives awards in four fields as well as inducting one person into the Hall of Fame each year. This year Bernard McLaverty joined the Hall of Fame, a list that includes names such as Neil Jordan, Sebastian Barry and Ann Enright.

The next prize announced was the First Fiction prize which was won by Aaron Finnegan for his short story ‘Just This’. It also created the sweetest moment of the night which was the hug he received from his mother the moment he left the stage! The next prize was the Poetry award which was won by Louise G Cole for her poem ‘Fur Coat and No Knickers’, a humorous and sad story of visiting her elderly mother in a home. The final winner of the night was Manus Boyle Tobin who took the Emerging Fiction prize as well as the overall prize. His work ‘The Drizzle on the Windscreen’ amazingly takes the form of one sentence and tells of a taxi driver in Dublin. Manus said after receiving the award that it was partly inspired by his time working in a homeless shelter in Dublin. It’s a fascinating read and well worth your time. All the winning works can be found below.

The full list of nominees can be found here.

First Fiction winning story Just This by Aaron Finnegan can be found here.

The poetry prize winner Fur Coat and No Knickers by Louise G Cole can be read here.

You can read the short story The Drizzle on the Windscreen by Manus Boyle Tobin here.




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