Erasure – Olympia Theatre – Live Review – 14-03-18

Erasure – Olympia Theatre – Live Review – 14-03-18 – Review by Fran Winston

Erasure played the Olympia Theatre, Dublin on the 13th, 14th and 15th of March 2018

There were a lot of disgruntled fans in January when Erasure were forced to cancel their scheduled dates due to singer Andy Bell falling ill and judging by the fact that there were some empty seats at this gig it’s safe to say that many people couldn’t make this rescheduled date as the concerts were completely sold out.

Not to rub salt in the wounds of those who couldn’t make the new date but it really was worth the wait. The stage was stunning and when the opening strains of the Tales of the Unexpected theme tune blasted out and figures in silhouette appeared behind screens you knew that this was going to be a visually impressive gig.

Of course everyone’s worry was would Andy’s voice hold up following his throat issues but as he broke into Oh L’Amour for the bands opening song there was no sign that anything was afflicting him. He hit the falsetto without a care ably backed by his partner in crime Vince Clarke who stayed in the background for most of the gig.

The band have a new album out, World Beyond, hence the tour and they peppered the set with songs from this. However, as is often the case, many people didn’t seem to know these yet and they weren’t greeted with the same enthusiasm as their back catalogue. This did give the gig a somewhat disjointed feel as people’s enthusiasm visibly waned when they played these tracks. However, as soon as they belted out any of their numerous classics the crowd went wild and were on their feet shaking the Olympia to its core with their dancing.

Andy exchanged banter with the crowd but made no reference to the fact that this was a rescheduled date which I thought was a bit odd. However, the crowd seemed to enjoy his segues into each track.

With a back catalogue as vast as theirs, there were always going to be one or two tracks that didn’t make the setlist. Noticeably absent were Love to Hate You, The Circus and It Doesn’t Have To Be but despite this there was enough here to keep both the diehard fans and those who simply dip in and out of Erasure’s music happy.

They saved two of their most popular songs for last and after Sometimes, Vince left the confines of his keyboard to join Andy on stage for A Little Respect, their encore song. Although he was only out front for a few minutes he seemed to be really enjoying himself which made it seem a pity that he had been hiding away for most of the show. However, Andy has more than enough personality for the two of them even if his stage outfit was a tiny bit questionable. Suffice to say that he is extremely body confident.

This wasn’t quite the nostalgia fest many were expecting and the new songs aren’t quite as strong as their classic hits (although I’m sure they’ll grow on people) but overall it was a camptastic, fun filled evening.


Oh L’Amour
Ship of Fools
Mad As We Are
Just a Little Love
In My Arms
Chains of Love
Sweet Summer Loving
I Love Saturday
Victim of Love
Phantom Bride
World Be Gone
Who Needs Love Like That
Take Me Out of Myself
Blue Savannah
Atomic (Blondie cover)
Love You to the Sky
Here I Go Impossible Again


A Little Respect

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