Interview with Ryley Walker

Interview with Ryley Walker – Questions by Killian Laher

Nomoreworkhorse.com got a progress update from Ryley Walker…

Your recent collaboration with Bill Mackay, SpiderBeetleBee was very well received.  Have you more plans to collaborate?

We’re currently playing gigs around the Midwest here and there. Would love to make another record together sometime this year. Really exciting to see the new directions we’re going. Always a fun time.

What are your favourite albums by other artists?

Big ones throughout my life have been Led Zeppelin III, Derek Bailey – Ballads, and lots of weirdo underground stuff from the Midwest freak scene over the last decade.  Bands like Wolf Eyes and Emeralds inspired me to start touring and find a community of musicians.

You seem to be on tour constantly and I suspect no two shows are the same.  Is it something you love or is it a necessary part of being a musician?

I like the idea of a gig being totally different from the rest.  Feels like I’m moving in a slightly less “jammy” direction but I’ll always make the effort to put on a good gig.  This year I’m not doing much touring.  It’s something I enjoy, but I’m frankly exhausted.  My mental health needs some work.  Happy to lay low for the most part.

Do you listen to much current music?  What have you been enjoying in recent months?

I’m the last year I’ve mostly listened to live Genesis bootlegs, the Grateful Dead, Sam Amidon, whatever people put on in the van, and whatever my friends are making.  Mostly too busy writing and recording my own tunes to seek out a lot of albums recently.


How is the next solo album coming on, what can you tell us about it?

It’s 100% done.  I think it will be out in May or June.  It’s totally different than any other record I’ve done in the past.  Worked for a very long time on it.  I really like it but I’m certain I’ll find reasons to hate it very soon.

Do you think it’s a good time to be making music?

I’m approaching 30 and starting to scratch my head and be clueless about anything kids are doing now.  No idea about current musical trends or what.  I just make records with my pals and try to stay busy.  I’m having a good time.

Is there much going on for you outside music?

I’m struggling a lot to quit booze. It’s really fucking difficult but the benefits of a sober mind make me feel much better.



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