A Year in Music – RM Hubbert

A Year in Music – RM Hubbert – Questions by Killian Laher

What music stood out for you in 2017?

Conflats by Out Lines, Strange Words and Weird Wars by Marnie, Party by Aldous Harding, Cabin Biscuits by Sumshapes and There Are No Saints by Siobhan Wilson.  All great!



Any discoveries that had passed you by previously that made sense this year?

Aldous Harding was new to me, I need to check out her back catalogue.

Are you still buying music?  Any recommendations as to where?

I tend to buy direct from labels or artists when I can.  Monorail in Glasgow when I’m out and about.



Sometimes it seems there are as many rereleases as new albums.  Are you interested in reissued albums?

Usually not, I mostly listen to music digitally these days.  I’ll buy vinyl when I can but I normally download as well.



How are things going yourself?  Any plans for 2018?

Not too bad! I’m living in Glasgow again which is great.  I’ve just finished a collaborative album with Aidan Moffat which should be out springtime 2018.


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