Movies This Week – 15-11-17

Movies This Week – 15-11-17

As is often the case, the release of Justice League means it’s a slow one, as no one wants to compete with the superheroes! There are two interesting new releases, with Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool and Good Time, so checkout those two if nothing else. I’m hearing positive things about Justice League, if you’re so inclined!

One of our favourite film festivals start today, with the IFI French Film Festival 2017 running from the 15th to the 26th Nov.

Our Top Five Films This Week –

5. The Killing of the Sacred Deer
4. Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool
3. The Death of Stalin
2. Paddington 2
1. The Florida Project

New Releases This Week

Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool –  94% on Rotten Tomatoes
Good Time90% on Rotten Tomatoes
In The Name Of Peace: John Hume in America ? on Rotten Tomatoes
Ingrid Goes West87% on Rotten Tomatoes
Justice League?% on Rotten Tomatoes

Top Five Films – UK and Ireland –  Proving how little reviews matter! 

Film Events in Dublin

Stella Cinema

Highlights include – The Great Gatsby 2D – Sat 18 November 2017 – 23.55

The Lighthouse –

Manifesto: Live From Tate Modern – 15th Nov
NT Live: Follies (LIVE) – Thu 16 Nov 2017
Met Opera: The Exterminating Angel (Live) – Sat 18 Nov 2017
Met Opera: The Exterminating Angel (Encore) – Tue 21 Nov 2017
EOS: David Hockney at the Royal Academy of Art – Tue 21 Nov 2017


IFI French Film Festival 2017 – 15th to the 26th Nov

20.00 Let the Sunshine In (Un Beau soleil intérieur)

16.20 The Price of Success (Le Prix du succès)
18.30 Endangered Species (Espèces menacées)
20.40 Redoubtable (Le Redoutable)

15.50 Félicité
18.30 Aurora (Aurore) + Q&A with actor Agnès Jaoui
20.50 The House by the Sea (La villa)

13.00 Agnès Jaoui Masterclass
13.30 The Silence of the Sea (Le Silence de la mer)
15.00 The Taste of Others (Le Goût des autres)
15.45 120 BPM (Beats Per Minute) (120 Battements par minute)
18.40 Lover for a Day (L’Amant d’un jour)
20.30 Just to be Sure (Ôtez-moi d’un doute)

13.00 Bob the Gambler (Bob le Flambeur)
13.10 The House by the Sea (La villa)
15.30 Redoubtable (Le Redoutable)
17.40 Ava + Q&A with director Léa Mysius
20.40 Ismael’s Ghosts (Les Fantômes d’Ismaël)

18.15 The Paris Opera (L’Opéra)
19.30 120 BPM (Beats Per Minute) (120 BPM Battements par minute)
20.30 Aurora (Aurore)

18.20 Faces Places (Visages, villages)
20.20 A Season in France (Une Saison en France)


Sugar Club

Fri Nov 24 – Films of Note & Popcorn Presents – 8 Mile – 15th Anniversary Screening




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