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An Evening with Pat Metheny – NCH – 13/11/17 – Live Review

An Evening with Pat Metheny – NCH – 13/11/17 – Live Review

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The latest instalment of the Perspective series delivered Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny to our shores. The only thing uniting the series is the quality of those involved. In recent months they’ve had Kristin Hersh and the Magnetic Fields. This time it was Metheny along with his band which was a four piece on the night, including Antonio Sanchez on drums, Linda Oh on bass and Gwilym Simcock on piano. Metheny has amassed an amazing 20 grammys over the years, he released his first album in 1976 and has well over forty albums since. It would be hard to dispute his status as a jazz legend. He was recently inducted into the Downbeat Hall of Fame as its youngest member. Antonio Sanchez recently composed the soundtrack for the Oscar winning film Birdman, so could have been performing in his own right.

Pat is known for his long sets, so the audience knew what to expect. On the night, we got a little over two and a half hours, with much variation in style and arrangements. The audience had an international feel and many must have travelled to Ireland for the concert. This tour is focusing on some of his older work, which is always a crowd pleaser. He opened the set with ‘Into the Dream’ which he performed solo using his amazing custom-made 42-string Pikasso (created by Canadian luthier Linda Manzer) which as you can imagine creates a variety of sounds from harp like strums to bass and beyond.

Metheny then welcomed the other three members of the band onto the stage. The set had impressive variation in sound with Metheny using a variety of different pedals to change the guitar sound from raucous to more sedate moments. The other band members also varied their instruments, with electric bass and keyboards featuring on some tracks. Metheny did not talk to the audience until near the end of the set, where he introduced the band and apologised for not visiting Ireland earlier.

The final three tracks were duets with the other band members, with the highlight being the track with bass player Linda May Han Oh in ‘Change of Heart’. The band then disappeared, with Metheny returning by himself for some solo guitar encores including ‘Song for Bilbao’. The most obvious thing about seeing Jazz at this level is the talent of the performers. Even without any knowledge of Metheny or his rather large discography, you could enjoy the set. It was a night to appreciate the gifts of some very talented players.

Find out more about Pat Metheny here. 

Setlist Included –

Into the Dream (Pat Metheny Group song)
So May It Secretly Begin (Pat Metheny Group song)
Bright Size Life
Lone Jack (Pat Metheny Group song)
Unity Village
Better Days Ahead (Pat Metheny Group song)
Always and Forever
What Do You Want
The Red One (John Scofield & Pat Metheny cover)
Faith Healer
Farmer’s Trust (Pat Metheny Group song)
Piano solo
Change of Heart (Duet with Linda May Han Oh)
Phase Dance (Pat Metheny Group song) (Duet with Gwilym Simcock)
Question & Answer (Duet with Antonio Sanchez)

Acoustic Medley – (Incl. Last Train Home / This Is Not America)
Song for Bilbao (Pat Metheny Group song)




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