Good Behavior – Be3 – TV Review

Good Behavior – Be3 – TV Review by Patrick Viale

The first of 10 episodes of new American TV drama, Good Behavior, starts tonight on be3 at 9pm. In it Michelle Dockery, definitely NOT in her Downton Abbey Lady Mary mode, plays Letty Raines, a junkie recently released from prison, prepared to do almost anything to survive. Determined not to go back to prison, when we first meet Raines she is just about keeping her head above water, working in a greasy spoon, trying to go straight and avoid trouble with the awkward customers and her demanding boss. When things don’t work out, she is forced back into her former criminal life where she had been part of a sophisticated ring of con artists in order to get the money to feed her habit.

In the course of a hotel burglary, she overhears a conversation where a hitman (Juan Diego Botto) is being hired to kill a man’s wife. Initially, her only thought is to escape from the situation but later, after an interview with her parole officer Christian (Terry Kinney), she realises she cannot ignore something she might be able to prevent. Inevitably, things don’t go as planned and Raines finds herself entangled in an even more complicated dilemma from which she can see no escape.

Good Behavior is a totally engaging, fast-paced, roller coaster of a thriller that draws its audience in from the very start. Dockery is a revelation, totally believable both in her vulnerability as a mother whose young son has been removed by child protection services and as a hardened and experienced criminal. The multiple disguises she adopts in her pursuits, change not only her physical appearance (she ALWAYS looks stunning) but seem to present us with a totally different, and always credible, personality.  She is a multi-talented actor and is allowed far more scope here to display her potential than she ever was in Downton Abbey.

As the hitman, Botto is both charming and unfathomable enough to keep us intrigued and is obviously set to play a major part in the series. It will be interesting to see how the role of Christian, the parole officer, struggling with problems of his own, develops as the series continues. Season 1 of Good Behavior will begin on be3 at 9pm today (Thursday, 26th October 2017) and will be repeated on Sundays at 10pm. All episodes will be available to watch on Virgin TV on Demand from Thursday, 26th October. Season 2 is already being aired to great acclaim in the USA. Give it a go. There are far worse ways of putting in an hour!





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