Interview with Úna Molloy – Event Producer of Turning Vampire Mixtape – Vicar Street – 29/10/17

Interview with Úna Molloy – Event Producer of Turning Vampire Mixtape – Vicar Street – Oct 29th 2017

We had the chance to ask Úna Molloy some questions! Una is the Event Producer of the ‘Turning Vampire Mixtape’ which is at Vicar Street this Sunday (Oct 29th 2017). We asked her about the bands/ setlists involved. You can see the results below.

Turning Vampire Mixtape – Vicar Street – Sunday, Oct 29th – Tickets €31.50

Part of the Bram Stoker Festival – Oct 27th – 30th

What was your initial brief for putting together this gig? What was the idea behind it?

Turning Pirate has been putting together Mix Tape shows since 2003. The premise behind it is giving artists an opportunity to collaborate and play together in a way that they rarely get to on stage and the audience a chance to experience that.  We have a house band of top musicians that are normally playing for bands like Villagers or The Frames or Lisa Hannigan’s band and then loads of guest singers all singing their favourite songs to fit the occasion.

Over the years there were so many nights at lock-ins, or parties where artists are swapping songs, be it through their iPod on a stereo, or with guitars being passed around. Singers and bands are like ships passing in the night backstage at festivals or after gigs, waving and getting to say hello, but rarely do they get to share a stage the way they do at the Mix Tape shows. The public get to see that lovely atmosphere where they are singing together and collaborating, singing David Bowie songs the way everyone gets into at 5am at the tail end of a night out, except it’s all pieced together carefully and rehearsed till it’s up to scratch!

The premise for this night is a Mix Tape that fits into the Bram Stoker theme – which means spooky songs and everything from Radiohead to Ghostbusters and everything in between. We take the standard pretty seriously musically, whilst making sure that it’s going to be a serious amount of fun on the night, the lines between the stage and audience get very blurred and everyone gets into the spirit of the night!


Will the artists be playing their own music, or will it be vampire/ Halloween inspired tunes? Or both?

No, this gig is an opportunity to play their favourite covers. So it’s all tunes with a spooky theme, or from a scary movie or with a Halloween theme. I can tell you that the set list is absolutely BRILLIANT for this show. Amazing variation from Monster Mash to The Specials!

With artists such as Lisa Hannigan, Saint Sister, Adam Matthews and Niamh Farrell there is a distinctly Irish flavour to proceedings. Was the idea to showcase as much Irish talent as possible?

The idea is to get everyone together to create something really high end musically, but loads of fun. So all of these musicians and singers are all really talented and at the top of their game, but they are coming together to share a stage and enjoy themselves, which I suppose is a very Irish concept really. Like a big lock in, except having rehearsed for it! Think The Last Waltz, meets Planxty, (meets the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!).

The night promises to have ‘scary songs, giggles, ghouls and collaborations’. Are there a few surprises in store? Any hints?

Lots of surprises, I can’t give away any more then I have already, or I’ll be shot. But there are just so many brilliant songs on the set list. The energy at these gigs is always so great, so with the line-up of talent we have for this show, the set list and throw in an audience full of people with their Halloween giddiness – it’s really going to be a special night. I can’t recommend it enough!

What is your favourite scary movie?

Ghostbusters, of course!



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