Hennessy Lost Fridays – RHA – 20-10-17 – Live Review

Hennessy Lost Fridays – 20.10.17 – Review

This was the final instalment of the Hennessy Lost Friday series at the RHA for this year. It’s a series that creates an unusual experience combining music, art and a variety of other quirky events. There was a table where the guests could ‘express themselves’ through clay, which seemed to go down well (see Bunny below). There was another area where you could have your portrait drawn by a robotic arm based on a photograph. There was a small room filled with mirrors and lights, for the perfect selfie. The other unusual event was a Hennessy master class, in which you got to sample their three main types of Cognac, and try to guess their tastes, saying things like ‘oaky’ and ‘aniseed’ with a serious face!

Freaky Bunny of Doom

There were three exhibitions in the various spaces of the RHA, a collection of abstract pieces by Ronnie Hughes called ‘Strange Attractors’ and Breda Lynch’s brilliant new show ‘Witch and Lezzie’ which explores the sub genre of lesbian under-the-counter ‘Pulp’ fiction’ novels, with their covers and striking images reappropriated. The main exhibition was by Vera Klute called Plunge which had a series of images of hands, feet and other bodily parts, often animated, along with some portraits.

The first band on the night were Come On Live Long, who are a four piece from Ireland that play a delicate mix of synths and guitars, along with some vocal harmonies. Louise Gaffney takes most of the vocal duties, but they are often shared amongst the band with Daithi O’Connor and Ken McCabe also singing.

The main act were Columbia Mills and you can find out more about the band in our recent interview with lead singer Fiachra Treacy here. They have many influences but there is a touch of Joy Division/ New Order in their sound that worked well. Their debut album is released next month, with a gig to celebrate. You can get tickets here.

The organisers have gone to some lengths to create an unusual experience and it’s well worth checking out. While the bands are local in origin, they were all enjoyable and having it in the RHA meant there was much else to explore. Hopefully the series will be back next year and we’ll try to keep you informed.




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