TV Picks of the Week – 16-10-17


Make a date or set your DVR for our top telly choices this week

Documentary – George Michael: Freedom

Monday 16 October, 9pm, Channel 4

Must see documentary that captures the life and times of music icon George Michael. It’s a film in which he was closely involved in before his death last Christmas – providing some of the home video archive and narrating the documentary. It traces his upbringing, huge music success, his falls from grace, the much talked about court battle with his record label and his grief when the love of his life died. The documentary particularly focuses in on the period around the release of his acclaimed album, Listen Without Prejudice Volume 1.

As well as personal video footage, the documentary features interviews with friends of the singer, including some of his supermodel friends Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford.

Documentary – Good Vibrations

Tuesday 17 October, 11.15pm, RTE1

Repeat showing of the documentary about the life and work of Orla O’Sullivan, a deaf and visually impaired piano and keyboard teacher from Cork who teaches hearing and seeing students.

Documentary – Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine

Thursday 19 October, 10pm, TV3

We’re most used to seeing Gordon Ramsay in the culinary world, whether he’s berating wannabe chefs or motivating failing restaurateurs. But here, the top chef has turned Louis Theroux by presenting a two part documentary examining the criminal business behind the global cocaine trade.

The UK consumes more than 30 tonnes of cocaine a year, more than any other European country and it’s very prevalent in the restaurant business. An eye opening documentary and Gordon’s tendency to cut through to the truth pays off in this format.






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