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METZ – Strange Peace – Album Review

METZ – Strange Peace – Album Review by Killian Laher

Canadian band METZ return with their third album, and any fears that they may have softened their ferocious assault are dispelled by opener Mess of Wires.  The track simply explodes from the speakers into a cacophonous noise, almost reminiscent of some loud building works at times.  Drained Lake is like Joy Division gone really trashy with a repetitive beat and riff which wind round and round so Alex Edkins can bawl the vocals.

This band have drawn on the spirit of Nirvana in places.  Cellophane is a fine example of this, adding an almost sixties twist, Lost in the Blank City treads close to their pre-Nevermind era while Mr. Plague bears all the hallmarks of In Utero (Steve Albini produced).

It’s not all riff and bluster, Caterpillar is almost chilled-out, in a noisy kind of way.  Sink places keyboards to the foreground, leaving the band sounding only a little pissed off, as opposed to their default setting of raging.

One of best is saved for last, Raw Materials just rocks and rages like it’s the last heavy song there will ever be, with powerhouse riffs and shitloads of roaring.  So things have changed a little for METZ on this album but mostly they still rock like a bastard.  Powerful stuff.

Track List:

1. Mess of Wires
2. Drained Lake
3. Cellophane
4. Caterpillar
5. Lost in the Blank City
6. Mr. Plague
7. Sink
8. Common Trash
9. Escalator Teeth
10. Dig a Hole
11. Raw Materials

Mess of Wires




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