Dreamgun’s Film Reads: Jurassic Park – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review

Dreamgun’s Film Reads: Jurassic Park Dublin Fringe Festival – Review by Emily Elphinstone

Dates Sep 17 @ 20:30
Venue: Project Arts Centre Space Upstairs

Over the last year, the DreamGun Film Reads have become the event that those ‘in the know’ wait for with baited breath; part live-show in its own right, part podcast recording. The concept sounds a gloriously simple one: That a cast of nine (plus narrator) have assembled to perform the classic that is Jurassic Park, with just 4 mics and the suggestion of costume (everyone loves a hat/neckerchief combo.) But in the flesh, this is even more satisfying than it sounds; partly because they are doing so with no rehearsal, experiencing the hilarity for the first time as they perform it.

The script, adapted by the Dreamgun team of Stephen Colfer, Gavin Drea, Heber Hanly and James McDonnell; is not the original screenplay (though classic lines like ‘clever girl’ still make the cut,) but rather what the characters should, or would like to be saying; and what is really going on. Is getting scientists you’re funding to approve your Park a conflict of interest? Yes. Should there be more than one I.T. guy looking after the Dinosaur fence security? Yes. The wittiest lines are far deeper than this of course, but you’ll have to listen when it appears online.

The cast, many of whom are also in other Fringe shows, play their multiple roles with impeccable comic timing: The inadvertent guffaws, and fluffed lines, only serve to make things even more entertaining. Special mention must go to Gavin Drea, who captures Geoff Goldblum’s mannerisms and speech patterns to leather-jacketed perfection; and to Ronan Carey who somehow managed to keep both himself, and the whole show together, as the narrator. With endless humour and much spontaneous applause from the audience, it can’t have been an easy ride.

As with too many things in life, it was with us for one night only. But this reviewer, along with any other newcomers in the crowd, will be tuning in to the podcast (which includes Titanic and Back To The Future) as soon as humanly possible.

Cast: Stephen Colfer, Finbar Doyle, Gavin Drea, Vany Eccles, Heber Hanly, Hannah Mamalis, Erin McGathy, Edwin Sammon, Ben Waddell, Ronan Carey.

Adapted by Stephen Colfer, Gavin Drea, Heber Hanly and James McDonnell

Producer: Stephen Colfer

Lighting: Maggie Donovan

Sound: Kevin Whyte

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