Why Won’t You Have Sex With Me? – Project Arts Centre – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review

Why Won’t You Have Sex With Me? – Project Arts Centre – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review
Dates Sep 09 -11 @ 13:15
Duration 45 mins Venue: Project Arts Centre Cube


The stage consists of a slightly raised platform to which there is attached a ramp at 180 degrees at each side. Above this construction is a screen on which illustrations (by Emmet Kenny) are shown. The show starts with Louise Bruton entering stage right in her wheelchair and she gets to the core of the problem, as indicated by the title, without any polite preliminaries. She uses various voice overs of true remarks made by individuals in her past. The audience both simultaneously cringes and laughs nervously at some of these remarks. One suspects the collection of brains which comprise the audience are remembering unthinking or condescending remarks for which they have been responsible in the past.

Bruton does not hand out forgiveness for these crass comments. She wants people to think about what they are saying before blurting something out. She has the wisdom to dress up her message with a great deal of humour so that she gets the audience on her side in her campaign. Make no mistake about it, Louise Bruton is on a campaign. What she so ably illustrates is that the majority of so called “normal” people have a great deal to learn. The word “normal” in this context she reserves for a fine verbal lashing.

Throughout she moves around the stage including going up and down the ramps in her wheelchair effortlessly. She even dismantles and re-assembles the wheel chair in the twinkling of an eye. Meanwhile the illustrations add to the humour but also the seriousness of what she seeks to convey. She brings to the fore a myriad of problems such as width of doorways and stairs in relation to having sex and garlic being on the top shelf invariably when shopping in supermarkets.

Bruton has created a fine campaigning piece of theatre which lasts just over thirty minutes. While it may be brief, she engages the audience firmly in the human decency of her cause. She leaves her audience at the end a great deal wiser than they were before. They also have enjoyed themselves which is no mean feat!


Why Won’t You Have Sex With Me? – Written and Performed by Louise Bruton


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