TV Picks of the Week – 04-09-17


By Lisa Jewell

Make a date or set your DVR for our top telly choices this week

Drama – Doctor Foster

Tuesday 5 September, 9pm, BBC One

If you caught this gripping drama series back in 2015, you’ll already be looking forward to this second series returning to the Beeb. And if you’re a newbie to Doctor Foster, we advise setting record on this series and catching up on Series One on Netflix as soon as you can.

The first series had plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your toes as the local GP Gemma Foster discovered that her seemingly perfect family life was not as it seemed and her professional life appeared to be imploding at the very same time. Things seemed to be wrapped up pretty well at series end but now two years on from where we left Gemma, someone she’d left firmly in the past comes back with a bang. Suranne Jones is outstanding in this well written series.

Documentary – The Farthest

Tuesday 5 September, 10.15pm, RTE One

Fresh from Irish cinema screens is captivating documentary The Farthest. Directed by Emer Reynolds, the film explores the story of Voyager, a NASA space mission first conceived in the early 70s and physically launched in 1977 when two small spaceships, Voyager 1 and 2, left earth for the furthest parts of our solar system. Not only did they make it there and captured never before seen footage of planets such as Jupiter and Neptune but one of them is now out in deepest darkest space.

The documentary expertly crafts together a narrative of how it all came about (watch out for the great soundtrack that reflects the cultural reality of the period) but its biggest strength is how it profiles the very passionate and talented people who worked on the project. Miss this documentary at your peril!

Check out our review of The Farthest on its cinema release.

Documentary – It’s a Park’s Life

Wednesday 6 September, 8.30pm, RTE One

Six part documentary series that takes a look at one of Dublin’s biggest assets – The Phoenix Park.

The largest enclosed space in a European capital city has thousands of acres to ramble through and is host to many sporting and cultural institutions including Aras an Uachtarain, the American Embassy and Dublin Zoo. The documentary takes a look at life in the park through the eyes of those who live in, work in and regularly visit the amenity.

Great subject for a series but a minor quibble on the title – could have just been ‘Park Life’?!

Film – x + y

Saturday 9 September, 9pm, BBC 2

Inspired by a documentary, Beautiful Young Minds, this British film follows a teenage maths genius Nathan who has difficulty understanding people but excels when it comes to numbers. He’s chosen to represent the UK at the International Mathematical Olympiad and embarks on a journey of discovery, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Engaging and quirky film starring Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins.



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