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Ian Felice – In The Kingdom Of Dreams – Album Review

Ian Felice – In The Kingdom Of Dreams – Album Review

“Well the aliens landed on election day
And they stole your mother’s lingerie” – 21st Century

This is the debut solo album by Ian Felice, but he does have quite a substantial back catalogue as part of the Felice Brothers,  who have upwards of 14 releases, including live albums. Ian is the middle child of the Felice brothers, with Simon the eldest and James the youngest. It is often said that the middle child searches for attention, but with an album of this quality he should get it!

“And I don’t wanna be
At the Xerox machine
In this kingdom of dreams” – In the Kingdom of Dreams

The arrangements are relatively simple on this release, they are mostly guitar driven with the vocals high in the mix. We get to hear everything Ian has to say, and he has a lot of ground to cover. There are deeply personal songs, like In Memoriam which deals with the death of his stepfather and Water Street that talks of his own father leaving and how that reflects on his own parenting.

Fans of Conor Oberst will love what they find here. The most obvious comparison would be Bob Dylan but it is hard to find a folk singer where this comparison wouldn’t find a home. The lyrics are what elevates this beyond the obvious. If you’re going to release a simple, stripped-back folk album you need to have something witty to say, some spark of insight, and this man has it in spades.

“They said your empire is about to fall
You’re just shoppers in an endless mall
And they stole all the pills
In the Hollywood hills” – 21st Century

Tracklist –
1. In the Kingdom of Dreams
2. Will I Ever Reach Laredo
3. 21st Century
4. In Memoriam
5. Signs of Spring
6. Mt. Despair
7. Road to America
8. Water Street
9. Ten to One
10. In the Final Reckoning




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