Q&A with David F Sandberg – Director of Annabelle: Creation


This is a Q&A with Director David F Sandberg and Stephanie Sigman, who plays Sister Charlotte in Annabelle: Creation. David F Sandberg is known for films such as Lights Out from last year. Stephanie Sigman is known for Spectre (2015) and Miss Bala (2011). You can see the results below. 

Annabelle: Creation is released tomorrow, 11th August 2017.

Last night, I was hearing things in my hotel room, and I just want to say thank you for giving me horrible nightmares and a sleepless night (laughs).

DAVID F. SANDBERG:  You’re welcome (laughs).

How do you sleep at night?  

DAVID F. SANDBERG:  Like a baby – but sometimes I do have nightmares. There’s a scene in this movie that came from a dream I had.  I woke up and immediately wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it.  And then I sent it to Gary Dauberman, our screenwriter, and asked like if we could put it in the movie.

I was covering my eyes during several scenes.  Why make an innocent doll so scary?

DAVID F. SANDBERG:  Looking at this doll right here [points to the “Annabelle” doll], I think they’re scary because they’re little versions of us. They look like us and you kind of expect them to walk around and start doing things.

Was it as creepy on set as it was for us watching the movie?

STEPHANIE SIGMAN:  For me it was.  I’m easily frightened.  I was always praying and hoping that everything was going to be fine and that nothing creepy and bad was going to happen on set.  I’m from a religious family, so I do believe in miracles, but there’s also evil.  The Annabelle doll is an instrument for evil.

Is this film based on a true story?

DAVID F. SANDBERG:  The doll is based on the real doll that Ed and Lorraine Warren believed was haunted, as we saw in The Conjuring.  The doll is locked up and they have a priest bless her every week to make sure that nothing happens.

Did anything creepy or scary actually happen on set?

STEPHANIE SIGMAN:  No, because we had the set blessed.

The scene with the nun in the photo gave me chills.  Stephanie, do you follow the Conjuring films, and were you told about the nun’s place in that universe?

STEPHANIE SIGMAN:  There is a connection between my character, Sister Charlotte and the nun, which is all I’m going to say for now!

What was it like when you watched the movie for the first time?

STEPHANIE SIGMAN:  When I saw Annabelle: Creation, I was very pleased and proud of it because it is creepy and scary.

Stephanie, I loved you in the series Narcos.  Now, seeing you as a nun, I’m wondering how you prepared for this role.

STEPHANIE SIGMAN:  I do external and internal research, meaning that I work to bring out those character elements from within myself.  I make it personal because I must believe it, to make you guys believe it.

What were the most challenging aspects of making this film?

DAVID F. SANDBERG:  One challenge came with the fact that we had this rule about never seeing Annabelle walking around. So, we threw a sheet over her and then you see the sheet move.  That’s allowed in this universe.

We also had a lot of fun dreaming up different ways of depicting Annabelle as the vessel of evil.





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