TV Picks of the Week – 10-07-17


Make a date or set your DVR for our top telly choices this week

Documentary – This is Christy

Tuesday 11 July, 9.30pm, RTE1

Intimate documentary following the life story of Aslan frontman Christy Dignam. It’s a story that encompasses great professional success as the band were on the verge of hitting the big time overseas. But Dignam’s personal problems caused him to be dramatically sacked from the group.

His struggles with addiction and his road to recovery from past sexual abuse have been documented previously but here we also see how he rebuilt his life, regrouped with Aslan and how they went on to be one of the hardest working touring bands in Ireland. In recent years, Christy has had to face serious illness and this documentary shows how his family and his love of music help him through obstacles in life.

Documentary – Wilde Salomé

Tuesday 11 July, 10.40pm, RTE1

Al Pacino directed a 1996 documentary called Looking for Richard, which was critically acclaimed for its blending of part performance and part behind the scenes as he brought Shakespeare’s Richard III to the stage.

The same approach is given to Oscar Wilde’s Salomé, which Pacino staged in San Francisco on the 130th anniversary of Wilde’s visit to the city. Pacino certainly doesn’t shirk from hard work – appearing on stage as King Herod, directing the play and shooting the documentary at the same time. Jessica Chastain stars as Salomé and the documentary focuses both on the craft of acting and also the role of sexuality within Wilde’s play.

Film – This Is Where I Leave You

Sunday 16 July, 9.30pm, RTE1

Entertaining film about a dysfunctional family who come together in the aftermath of their father’s death. The three brothers and sister have to honour their Jewish faith by sitting Shiva for a week in their family home – but being in such close proximity as adults, along with having complicated personal lives makes for some dramatic and comedic moments.

The cast works well together – Jason Bateman stars as a radio producer who’s going through a messy break up and his siblings are played by Tina Fey, Adam Driver and Corey Stoll. Jane Fonda turns in a hammed up performance as their surgically enhanced grieving mother.






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