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James Elkington – Wintres Woma – Album Review

James Elkington – Wintres Woma – Album Review by Killian Laher

James Elkington is a highly accomplished guitarist, known for collaborating with Freakwater, Jeff Tweedy, Steve Gunn and Richard Thompson.  Until now that is.  His debut album sounds like a prime slice of early 70s folk rock, with the emphasis on folk.  Elkington’s ornate fingerpicking style and the intricate production which involves cello, bongos and plenty else will invite obvious comparisons with Nick Drake on the assured Make It Up and the almost waltz of Wading the Vapors.  Touches of steel guitar on the vaguely threatening Hollow In Your House give the track a yearning, longing quality.

Elkington’s singing voice is more weathered, calling to mind Cathal Coughlan on his solo albums.  It’s not all moody stuff, the sprightly guitar work on Grief Is Not Coming would gladden anyone’s heart.  He even incorporates ‘trad’ stylings on an instrumental cover of The Parting Glass and the banjo and fiddle strum of The Hermit Census.  Later, Greatness Yet To Come features complex guitar work, leading into a glorious string part.  Right through the album, the excellent guitar playing is matched by the songwriting, across late night tracks such as When I Am Slow and Any Afternoon.

In an age of young, supremely talented guitar players such as Ryley Walker and Steve Gunn to name but two, James Elkington compares well with any of them.  A fine debut which bears all the hallmarks of an unearthed classic.

Track List:

1. Make It Up
2. Hollow In Your House
3. Wading the Vapors
4. Grief Is Not Coming
5. When I Am Slow
6. The Parting Glass
7. The Hermit Census
8. Greatness Yet To Come
9. Sister of Mine
10. My Trade In Sun Tears
11. Any Afternoon

Make It Up



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