Twice Shy – Film Review

Twice Shy – Film Review by Louise O’Meara

Directed by: Tom Ryan
Produced by: Fionn Greger
Actors:  Ardal O’Hanlon,  Iseult Casey,  Pat Shortt,  Shane Murray-Corcoran.

This Irish independent film is a heartfelt, engaging look at the journey of a young couple as they travel to England due to an unplanned pregnancy. Their story is illustrated through a series of fractured flashbacks. The topical subject matter here is dealt with gently, rooted in the evolving relationship of the couple. Indeed, the story of the film is the story of the relationship rather than what happens to them. Maggie (Iseult Casey) and Andy (Shane Murray-Corcoran) give charming and precise performances as the two protagonists. Their intimacy is remarkably believably which lends itself beautifully to the rolling script. There is the reassuring feeling that you have met these two characters before in your every day life.

Set in Tippearary, Andy and Maggie are diving somewhere in a van, the mood is sombre and it is evident something has happened to this couple. Step by step, through windows of flashbacks and snippets of their conversation, their story is revealed to us.

They begin their relationship at the end of sixth year, then both make the move to Dublin to study at third level. We watch their relationship and blossoming feelings toward one another progress until they hit the bump in the road that leads us back to the current time in the van.

Pat Shortt and Ardal O’Hanlon play the respective fathers, giving excellent support to the young leads. Tom Ryan’s direction is well considered and honest. A Tipperary native himself, we can see the power of creating what you know at work here. The piece is consistently believable and truthful.

A subtle and intimate look at a young couple’s journey in modern Ireland, we are reminded of how interesting every day human stories can be and what talent this country has to offer.




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