Q&A with Paul Kiernan from Booka Brass Band

Q&A with Paul Kiernan from Booka Brass Band

Booka Brass play Saturday night of Down With Jazz festival this weekend (10-11th June). See them and a full programme of other great Irish jazz acts for just €15 daily or €25 for the weekend in The Grand Social Dublin 1

You seem like a close knit band. How do you all know each other?

We all know each other through different strains of music. A few of us met in the National Youth Orchestra and then others we met through music college.

How long have you been playing? How did you start off?

I have been playing trumpet for about 14 years now. I started of in my local town band in Mullingar. My father plays trumpet as well so getting advice from him helped a lot!

I’m pretty certain I once saw you play on a barge on the Canal. Was that the most unusual gig you have played or can you beat it?

I think that was definitely one of the strangest gigs. At the beginning we did play a set outside a restaurant in Bundoran just so that we would get food in return!

What were the big albums for you as a teenager? Was it about brass back then, or did you listen to all sorts of music?

I was and still am a huge fan of Youngblood Brass Band, Hot 8 and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble to name a few. Some of the guys are huge U2 fans. Red Hot Chili Peppers are a band as well!

Any recent albums that your enjoyed?

Kendrick Lamar’s to pimp a butterfly is still a favourite and after 2 years of listening I’m still finding more reasons to enjoy it! Also recently enough – Anderson Paak and Childish Gambino new albums are amazing also!



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