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Ulrika Spacek – Modern English Decoration – Album Review

Ulrika Spacek – Modern English Decoration – Album Review by Killian Laher

Very much an album for guitar fans, Ulrika Spacek’s second album opens with some SST-era Sonic Youth licks on Mimi Pretend.  There are three guitarists in the band, two of whom are called Rhys (Edwards and Williams).  This feeds into tracks like Silvertonic, whose interweaving guitars evoke Television.  The effect is complemented by Edwards’ drawled vocals, which work well on the distorted brew of Ziggy.  The Velvets-y Everything All The Time and Dead Museum’s fuzzy guitars growl and bite more than the rest of the album.  Saw A Habit Forming is more downbeat than the rest, and it suits them quite well.

If there is a criticism, it’s that these ten tracks are all very controlled, only on penultimate track Victorian Acid do the band cut loose and rock hard, though they never quite descend into mayhem.  But that apart, a pretty strong effort.

Track List:
1. Mimi Pretend
2. Silvertonic
3. Dead Museum
4. Ziggy
5. Everything, All The Time
6. Modern English Decoration
7. Full of Men
8. Saw A Habit Forming
9. Victorian Acid
10. Protestant Work Slump
Mimi Pretend –

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