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Perisonic – Smock Alley – Music Current 2017 – Review

Perisonic – Smock Alley – Music Current 2017 – Review by Frank L.

Created by Grainne Mulvey, Fergal Dowling, Scott McLaughlin and Mihail Cucu.

Music Current 2017 – Dublin Sound Lab
Sat 29th April | 8pm & 9pm | Boys’ School

The Boys’ School Theatre took on a rectangular configuration with the wooden seating placed along its four walls. Four large rectangular video screens enclosed the space with a standard vertical speaker placed in the gap at each corner. Most of the audience sat along the benches, some stood in the central space, while a few even sat on the hard floor. Each member of the audience therefore had the freedom to determine in what pose he or she would listen, watch and experience this phenomenon.

There were three sequences: of a railway station with a train arriving and departing, of the back stretches of an inner city area, graffiti and all, with an area of urban renewal juxtaposed and thirdly of traffic moving along a mirrored creation of St.Patrick’s Hill. Each of the sequences were of Dublin but the projections did not divulge necessarily precisely the location and if it did, like in the St. Patrick’s sequence, the image had been enhanced. The four screens showed simultaneously different aspects of the same subject matter. Therefore the eye was constantly on the alert as it tried not to miss anything. All the time the music, pieced together from sampled sounds, filled the entire space.

It lasted approximately thirty minutes but during that period many thoughts had rifled through the brain as the mind tried to grapple with the sounds and the images. Although it was described as a large-scale, immersive, panoramic painting of Dublin, the full potential of that idea might be better realised in a circular space with one continuous screen. But where is a circular room of similar size to be found?

This was an ambitious creation which can be revisited, developed and refined to make it even more immersive than it already is. It was commissioned by Dublin Sound Lab to mark the 230th anniversary of a panorama painting, made by the Irish artist Robert Barker. It demonstrates anniversaries can be creative and innovative as well as reflective and historical.

Gráinne Mulvey, Part I
Fergal Dowling, Part II
Scott McLaughlin, Part III

Mihai Cucu, video photography, projection
Sabina Bonnici, creative producer
Alexis Nealon, sound projection

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