ON.PULSE. – Project Arts Centre – Review

Lucia Kickham presents ON.PULSE.
06 April 2017-07 April 2017

On.Pulse created by Lucia Kickham

It is described as a triple bill of new dance work. The first piece Pulse is a prologue rather than a dance piece itself. Robbie Blake at the centre of the stage stands and conducts what appears to be an imaginary orchestra. He is minimal in his movements which are confined to his hands and arms apart from twice taking a couple of steps forward.

The second piece is entitled “To get to the other side” is performed by Robbie Blake and Kickham. At the beginning she hangs, like a plumb line, with her arms stretched from a simple metal structure. He approaches; she drops to the ground whereupon he takes her pulse. It is the rhythm of the pulse which creates the parameters with which Kickham moves to explore the measurement of time.

The third piece, Oscillate, is the longest and is performed by Kickham and Marion Cronin. At times they move in unison as they traverse the stage in short energetic bursts but these are interspersed occasionally with continuous movement of elegant form. There are also solo parts like when Cronin moves her body around the pendulum managing to make her body swing to the movement of the pendulum but in the opposite direction.

The three pieces are measured work which generate a calm which is of course the great benefit of a regular pulse. It is not noticed or valued until it is not regular. On.Pulse seeks to bring to prominence the importance of the pulse. It creates a beat by which other phenomenon may be measured.

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