Dublin Dance Festival 2017 – Programme Announced

DUBLIN DANCE FESTIVAL 2017 – 18th– 28th May 2017

If you asked me the best things I saw last year, near the top of the list would be Betroffenheit, which appeared in the O’Reilly Hall as part of the Dublin Dance Festival! Over look this festival at your peril.

The productions are unusual and visually striking, with artists turning up from all over the world. This year there’s a typical mixed bag from “Baroque to Hip-Hop”. There’s a great line up of Irish work by artists including Colin Dunne, Philip Connaughton and Maria Nilsson Waller. Other shows include a Hip-Hop Dance Battle, a baby boogie, and Maguy Marin’s “Singspiele” as the epicentre of the festival.

Check out some of the highlights below and get booking!

Dublin Dance Festival 2017 will burst into life 18th- 28th May, offering treats from around the globe and across Ireland ranging from a Baroque feast to a Hip-Hop Dance Battle, from world-class dance on the stages of the Abbey Theatre to a baby boogie in Merrion Square Park, and with inspirations as diverse as UFOs, Virginia Woolf, striptease, and the search for true love.

Highlights of the festival will include:

  • New work from trailblazing traditional Irish dance artist Colin Dunne, opening the 2017 festival
  • The Top 8 Hip-Hop Dance Battle from Hip-Hop innovator Tobi Omoteso and the Top 8 Team, a celebration of urban culture and street dance bringing together artists from Ireland and Europe
  • A multi-media Baroque installation – featuring those wine glasses and brine shrimps – in Deep Dish from acclaimed Austrian dance company Liquid Loft and choreographer Chris Haring
  • “Choreographic miracle” Sunny, a joyful collision of dance and live music from choreographer Emanuel Gat and Awir Leon, a shooting star of the electronic music scene
  • Intergalactic work from the hottest Irish choreographers. Extraterrestrial Events inspired by UFO sighting reports from Company Philip Connaughton promises to be truly out of this world, while merry.go.round from Maria Nilsson Waller & Co. looks beyond our world out into the cosmos to examine our most human of concerns: the search for true love
  • Iconic choreography from Pina Baush brought to life in Ireland’s biggest NELKEN-Line as part of a global participation project
    For audiences 6+, a multi-media dance show from one of Europe’s most sought-after choreographers at The Ark
  • A chance to see new Irish dance work from artists including Liz Roche Company (newly-announced as Dublin Dance Festival Company in Residence 2017-19) and Sibéal Davitt in the First Looks programme
  • Maguy Marin’s Singspiele, described by festival Director Perchet as the “epicentre” of his 2017 programme
    A fun free day of dance and entertainment for all ages with Moveable Feast in Merrion Square Park
  • From Greece, a poetic and hypnotic meditation on Virginia Woolf’s The Waves in Elvedon
  • A poignant exploration of the body in the context of war, revolution and migration in Displacement by Syrian choreographer and dancer Mithkal Alzghair
  • A cinematic exploration of the roots of rituals, dance and sculpture by director Gilles Delmas and choreographer Damien Jalet, narrated by performance artist Marina Abramović
  • Striptease from Spanish choreographer Pere Faura, featuring an on-screen appearance by Demi Moore.



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