Adele Is Younger Than Us – Civic Theatre – Review


Adele Is Younger Than Us – Civic Theatre -Review

Until 25 February

Sally O’Leary and Rhiannon Neads have their full lives in front of them. They are two young, talented women starting to make a name for themselves. They have high hopes and figure time is on their side. That is unless you compare them to some fairly high standards. Adele has sold over 40 million albums and as the title suggests, is younger than them! In comparison to Adele, these two have some serious ground to make up!

This is the story of two young women approaching 30 and starting to wonder will they ever make it? Will they have the perfect boyfriend or the perfect job? The story is told through music and comedy, and takes you through their early attempts to find love.  There are many embarrassing stories of their failed love affairs and their fear of ending up alone! Adele does feature as a voice over, giving the girls advice on how to write the perfect song or find love.

The two actors greet you as you enter the theatre. They have two sets of stickers and ask you a simple question to decide which one you get. Are you younger or older than Adele? Once the stickers have been dispensed and the audience is seated, the actors disappear backstage and re-emerge to start this tale of love, loss and pop music.

It is a story of two desperate singles yearning for love. It is told through sections of dialogue, broken up with songs. The two women are joined on stage by James Taylor (not that one) who accompanies them on keyboard. The comedy segments are well written, as they tell you of their doomed romances. It is well travelled ground, but they manage to inject new life into it. This is a quirky and enjoyable tale that deals with the many problems that face young single women today!



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