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Josh Ritter – Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire – Gig Review – 18-02-17

Josh Ritter (Solo) – Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire – Gig Review – 18-02-17

Josh arrived on stage a little after eight pm last night to a huge ovation from the audience. He’s always been well loved in Ireland and last night felt a bit special. In the past, he has played in venues such as the Grand Canal Theatre, so seeing him in a venue that seats just over 300 felt like a treat. This was the first of a two night residency in Dun Laoghaire as part of his European tour. He released his eight studio album ‘Sermon on the Rocks’ in October of last year, which received little radio play this side of the water at least. This did little to dampen the enthusiasm of his audience.

The most unusual thing about his performance was how little interaction there was with the audience. Josh is known for his on stage banter, but there was very little of it this time around. He launched straight into his set and only took a few seconds break between the songs, mostly to let the audience quieten down. We did get to hear the reason why he left his house in the country, due to the wind blowing through it! He told us he feels a responsibility to write murder ballads and also about his love of cowboy songs, where a lonely cowboy is the only requirement. The set featured much of the new album, but also had highlights from throughout his career.

After nearly two hours on stage and an amazing total of twenty four songs, he waved goodbye and disappeared. After a brief pause, he returned to play a two song encore and appease much of the crowd calling for Kathleen. The audience demanded still more and he re-emerged for a second encore, this time with a version of Chelsea Hotel by the dearly departed Leonard Cohen. Josh really seems to enjoy performing for an audience, and his many stories about cowboys, trains and murders sent this one home content.

Set List:
Monster Ballads
A Certain Light
Me & Jiggs
Cry Softly
Old Black Magic
Sun Coming Up
When Will I Be Changed
Myrna Loy
Henrietta, Indiana
Feels Like Lightning
Silver Blade
Folk Bloodbath
Where the Night Goes
Train Go By
Oh Lord
Joy to You Baby
Getting Ready to Get Down
Girl in the War
Snow Is Gone

Chelsea Hotel #2 – Leonard Cohen



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